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Our mission is to provide every patient we see with the most clear and comfortable vision possible. We strive to create a friendly, warm, inviting and transparent environment where our professional staff will help you select the best corrective lenses with the latest technology to meet your individual needs.


We carry a wide array of frames, so no matter what your style, you'll be able to find something you love. Our frames start at just $125 dollars.

Lenses and Contacts

Lenses are a changing art. Our trained Opticians will help identify what lens and material works best with your prescription and work/leisure needs.

In addition to a full line of lenses, we also offer several contact lens manufacturers.  Your doctor will help identify the best contact lens with your guidelines and expectations!

Lens Options

Single Vision – This all-purpose lens is available in all material idexes, and can be used for either distance or near vision correction.

Multifocals – will be suggested when both distance and near correction are needed together in a single lens. Multifocal lenses have many new variations:

No-line progressives - correct far (driving a vehicle), intermediate (viewing the dashboard), and near (reading a map) vision all in one lens. Because there is no visible line, progressives have the appearance of single-vision lenses and are, therefore, the most cosmetically desirable multifocal. Progressives are available in all lens materials.

Bifocals – provide both far (driving) and near (reading a map) correction in one lens.

Trifocals – are the same as progressive lenses but with visible lines. The majority of the lens is for distance viewing, while the center portion is divided into intermediate and near-viewing segments.
Polycarbonate lens -  This shatter-resistance lens is meant for durability and protection.  It is also a thinner lens that a standard plastic lens, which can be visually more appealing.

High index lens –  This lens with help decrease the thickness of the lens. It is lighter weight and can provide edge-to-edge visual clarity by utilizing different designs.

Aspheric lenses - For the least amount of distortion and thickness, make your polycarbonate or high index lens aspheric!


Lens Treatments

UV Protection – The sun’s ultraviolet rays pose potential harm to your eyes. UV protection shields your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Plastic lenses may require a UV coating, while high-index and impact resistant lenses provide UV protection in the lens material.

Transition Lenses -Sometimes called “comfort” lenses, these lenses darken and lighten according to light exposure. If the wearer is in the sun, the lenses darken, if indoors, the lenses are light. Since these lenses are activated by ultraviolet (UV) light, they do not darken inside of a car, as most cars have UV protection built into the windshield.

Scratch-resistance coatings – Recommended to protect lenses from everyday wear and tear. Some materials, such as high impact resistant and anti-reflective coatings, include scratch protection. A standard plastic lens would need this coating added for more protection.

Anti-reflective – Dispensers suggest anti-reflective, or AR lenses, to help reduce eye fatigue in all situations, particularly while viewing computer screens and driving at night. In addition to enhancing vision by removing distracting reflections, AR lenses are cosmetically desirable, as the wearer’s eyes are clearly visible behind the lenses during photos.  Our premium anti-reflective coatings include UV and scratch protection.


Polarized lenses – The top pick for eliminating glare!  Recommended for the light-sensitive eyes. Hunters, boaters, fishermen, golfers and drivers are some of those who benefit from polarized lens’ glare-cutting properties. Any surface can create glare in sunlight, including water, sand, snow, windows, and vehicles. Polarized lenses come in several color and density options.

Tinted lenses –  Tinted lenses will help block the sun, like that of a hat. You can chose the density of this lens: from medium to dark shades, solid through the whole lens, or gradient which is darker on top fading to lighter or clear at the bottom of the lens. Tints also come in a rainbow of color options.

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